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“I am in love with the medium of glass. Learning how to control it to make sculptures out of my imagination is what drives me into the studio each day. I am inspired by nature, animals, and the people I see around me. I am mostly interested in possibilities. “What can I...” are the questions that I am burning to answer when I am working with hot glass and beads. I love to juxtapose materials. The combination of glass and wood, or glass and metal is infinitely fascinating to me. The results are never predictable, and the surprise when pulling a mold from the kiln, or working with the torch is satisfying in a deep way.”


Paige is a self taught artist. When her children were young, she used to make porcelain dolls, and moved from there to bead work and finally to glass. She began working with fused glass- glass that is melted together inside a kiln- in 2006. Four years ago, she began to experiment with glass casting, which is a long process of making molds of a clay sculpture and melting glass into the mold to create a solid piece of art glass. Her work is highly experimental and inspired by the natural world.

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